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Helado de fresa

Signature Flavors

Banana Cream Pie

The ultimate Banana Cream
monkey business just creamy Banana ice
cream with marshmallow ribbon and baked pie crust pieces.

“C” is for Cookie

This Vibrant blue Vanilla ice cream loaded
with cookie dough pieces and crushed


Cherries ´N Cream

For the cherry lover in you this is the
ultimate Vanilla ice cream loaded with
maraschino cherries.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Rich Chocolate ice cream with moist
fudge brownies & a thick river of
chocolate fudge.

Elephant Ears

Vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut
butter & large chocolate chips.

Mackinac Turtle Fudge

Butter Pecan ice cream with roasted
pecans, chunks of butter pecan fudge,
and a Mackinac classic butter pecan

fudge swirl.

Mississippi Mud

Rich Chocolate ice cream with a river of
rich fudge & chocolate chips.

Purple Daze

Hopefully this Jimi Hendrix inspired flavor
will make his fans proud...Black Raspberry
ice cream with a black raspberry crinkle,
and dark chocolate black raspberry cups.

Rum Raisin

Fantastic Rum flavored ice cream loaded

with raisins.


Always a crowd pleaser.....
Swirled Pistachio, Chocolate and Cherry
Ice Cream with roasted almonds and a
special blend of tropical fruits.

Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut ice cream with mounds
of toasted coconut flakes...consider
yourself warned, it's addicting!!!

Birthday Cake

Just one more reason to
need to wait till your Birthday!!! Rich Cake
ice cream with pieces of yellow cake, blue
cotton candy flavored icing and rainbow


Cake "N" Batter

Memories of tasting the batter are more than fulfilled with this Golden Cake Batter flavored ice cream with pieces of moist yellow cake.

Cherry Oblivion

Creamy Black Cherry ice cream loaded
with black cherries & luscious liquid
chocolate chips.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

A light raspberry flavored rich Chocolate
ice cream with raspberry ribbon and dark
chocolate mini raspberry cups.

Eyes Wide Open

Intense coffee ice cream…enough said!!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Can you handle the HEAT?...
Mexican Chocolate ice cream with a
pinch of cinnamon, tons of mini
marshmallows and a CAYENNE KICK!!!

Peach Melba

If Georgia Peaches weren't enough, this
Sweet Peach ice cream is filled with large
chunks of peaches and then swirled with
a yummy raspberry ribbon...Enjoy!

Raspberry Truffle

A Heavenly combination ...
Raspberry ice cream with raspberry
ribbon & dark chocolate raspberry cups.

Salted Caramel Brownie

Truly decadent Salty Caramel Ice Cream
loaded with thick ribbons of salty caramel
and fudgy brownie pieces....
need we say more!

Stellar Coffee

If you're a coffee lover, this is a MUST
have...there is no better!!! Rich Coffee
Club® ice cream with delicious fudge &
mini dark chocolate coffee cups.

Bubble Gum

Kids and adults will love this Bubble Gum
flavored ice cream loaded with gumballs.
Taste just like childhood!

Caramel Caribou

Always a crowd pleaser...Toffee ice cream overflowing with a thick river of caramel
and mini chocolate caramel cups.

Cherry Vanilla

Get your Cherry fix with this Vanilla ice
cream loaded with Bordeaux cherries.

Cotton Candy

The carnival kicked up
a notch... Cotton candy flavored ice
cream loaded with colorful mini M&M's.

German Chocolate

Rich Chocolate Coconut ice cream
loaded with brownies, fresh walnuts and

caramel ribbon.

Midnight Chocolate

Chocoholics here we come….. Rich Dark Chocolate ice cream flowing with rich creamy fudge.

Peanut Butter Fudge

Rich, thick fudge swirled in Peanut Butter

ice cream.

Red Velvet Cake

Fan favorite...Red Velvet ice cream with
chunks of decadent red velvet cake and a
rich ribbon of cream cheese icing.

Salty Turtle

Addictively decadent Salty Caramel Ice
Cream with thick ribbons of salty caramel
and loaded with chocolate covered
pecans and chocolate covered
salty caramel cups...OMG!

Strawberry Cheesecake

The ultimate classic Cheese-cake ice
cream loaded with chunks of creamy
cheesecake and a flavorful strawberry


Butterscotch Bomb

This flavor is flying off the shelves!!!
Butterscotch ice cream loaded with a
thick ribbon of butterscotch and
exploding with brownies, heath bars,
cookies and peanut butter cups...need we

say more!

Caramel Macchiato

Espresso ice cream loaded with caramel
and chocolate covered caramel cups
along with swirls of frothy marshmallow.

Chocolate Dream Pie

Rich Chocolate Mousse Cake Ice Cream
loaded with crushed cookies, liquid dark
chocolate and marshmallow ribbons.
This truly decadent and addictive flavor
will have you dreaming about your next serving!


The ultimate creamsicle treat...
Sweet Vanilla ice cream & tangy Orange
Sherbet swirled together.

Mac Daddy Coconut

Missing a Hawaiian getaway, next best
thing...Coconut ice cream with
macadamia nuts swirled with fudge and


Mint Moose Tracks

Mint ice cream with mini chocolate mint
cups and a rich ribbon of famous Moose

Tracks® Fudge.

Peppermint Flash

Refreshing and vibrant
Peppermint ice cream filled with
peppermint candy.

Rocky Road

Rich Chocolate ice cream with miniature

marshmallows &
roasted almonds.

Special Praline

Praline pecans & caramel swirled
together in smooth
Vanilla ice cream.


Kids # 1 superhero flavor...Vanilla flavored
ice cream in vibrant red, yellow, & blue



1. Rainbow Sprinkles
2. Chocolate Sprinkles
3. Plain M&M’s
4. Peanut Butter M&M’s
5. Haribo Gummy Bears

6. Hot Fudge
7. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
8. Hershey’s Caramel Syrup
9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce
10. Marshmallow Sauce

11. Whipped Cream
12. Crushed Nuts
13. Maraschino Cherries

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