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Over 50 Flavors

of Hand Dipped Ice Cream
and More...

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New Added Flavors

Cake 'N' Batter

Memories of tasting the batter are more than fulfilled with this Golden Cake Batter flavored ice cream with pieces of moist yellow cake.

Eyes Wide Open

You want more coffee flavors so this delivers an intense coffee ice cream...enough said!

Garbage Can

An original trademark flavor that is back...Generous chunks of 7 different brand name candy bars and granulated peanuts in vanilla ice cream.

Midnight Chocolate

Chocoholics your ice cream has arrived and is here to stay...Rick Dark Chocolate ice cream flowing with rich creamy fudge.  Decadent and Delicious!


Our ice cream shop offers a vast selection of flavors to choose from, with something for everyone! We have over 50 flavors available, including signature, traditional, non-dairy, and no sugar added options. From our traditional Captain's Chocolate to decadent Salted Caramel Brownie, our ice cream is made with the finest ingredients and is sure to please any sweet tooth.  Come see us today to try yourself why our ice cream is the best on the island!

Hong Kong Waffles

Signature Flavors

Ice Cream

Traditional Flavors

Ice Cream

Non-Dairy Flavors

Ice Cream Scoops

No Sugar Added Flavors


Sherbet & Sorbet Flavors

Ice Cream and Cones


Ice Cream Cone

Scoops offered in a CUP or in
a cake or sugar cone of your choice!

Get your scoops in a WAFFLE
CONE for a small added

For a larger offering, we can
hand pack a PINT or QUART
of any flavor (Choose up to
two flavors only).


Milkshakes & Malts

One size with one or two flavors of ice cream mixed to perfection.

Chocolate caliente con malvavisco

Hot Fudge Sundaes

One or Two scoops of your choice of ice cream topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.



Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles
Plain M&M’s
Peanut Butter M&M’s


Hot Fudge
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
Hershey’s Caramel Syrup
Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce
Marshmallow Sauce

Haribo Gummy Bears

Whipped Cream
Crushed Nuts
Maraschino Cherries

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About Us

Your Local Family Owned Island Ice Shop



We are a family-owned local ice cream shop, featuring over 50 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream.  Our flavors include traditional flavors, signature flavors, as well as no sugar added and dairy free options!  Whether you are looking to enjoy a scoop or two here at the shop or take a pint or quart home, we are sure to have a flavor that you love!  We invite you to come in, grab your favorite flavor of ice cream, and enjoy it in our relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Ice Cream
“AMAZING!!!  Best locally owned ice cream shop on the island!  Very welcoming."

- Jenny Owens -

Yarelis Gomez

The ice cream is great! Soft and creamy. The attention of the staff/owner is also good. They were very nice and asked us how the ice cream was afterwards. My service dog really enjoyed the pup cup as well! (A little too much, since he was eating the cup as well 😂)

Sara Fellows

So happy to find this place! It's so good that if I lived on the next street, I'd be over here every day, even in the winter!! I'd give it 10 stars if I could! Their prices are less than others & their hand dipped ice cream is better! They have so many flavors, 70 to be exact, that it's hard to choose. Some are Lactose free & some are sugar free. But they are ALL regret free! They'll even give you a sample to help you make your mind up!The owners, Micah & Sharon are super friendly and on the ball.You definitely have to try My Island Ice Cream; in front of T-J Max!

Phoenix Williams

I love this place! Employees were very friendly, and they have tasty non-dairy and sugar-free options. I tried the moose tracks with the sugar cone and it was delicious.

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